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Product Details

Handcrafted with premium cotton canvas

Top quality smooth, thick and waterproof lining to protect what’s inside the bag; stains can be wiped off

Cotton drawstring closure

Easy to fold and store


Adjustable and padded shoulder strap for convenience

1 zip pocket inside

Designed and Made In India

Material: High Quality canvas and waterproof lining

Package contents:

Soelaas x 1
Dustbag x 1
Brand Note Cards x 3
Stickers x 3


Meet Soelaas:

A 70s oldman in the body of a young Dutchman—that’s Soelaas for you. For the time he is born in, he’s actually the cool-headed, old school kind. Beyond the worries of the fast-paced world and the whims of technology, he finds his fancies in living the caveman life by the virgin beaches, in the solitary woods or maybe just…out of the caves, talking to the only person he’s fond of—Mother Nature. But, don’t confuse his elusiveness for nonchalance; his survival instincts make him quite the risk-taking, tough guy!


17” x 11” x 5”

More about the bag

More About Soelaas: If you can’t already tell, this backpack has two sides to his personality, and to be honest, it’s tough to pick a favourite. With an unpretentious drawstring compartment in the front, your next adventure in the woods or solo vacation by the beach is just a dump-and-go away with Soelaas. Not gonna lie—adventures come with their own risks but you can trust your belongings with Soelaas. A comfortable and cushioned strappy back to shoulder on, and a thick, waterproof lining on the inside, he’s prepared to deal with unforeseen situations. We don’t call him a ‘gentle giant’ for nothing!


All of your Tokiké bags come with a 12-month warranty claimable on material, manufacturing, and craftsmanship defects. Warranty does not apply to damage caused by routine wear and tear or neglect. Slight variations or creases in the canvas are not defects but reflective of the true handcrafted nature and the quality of our bags, making them uniquely yours.


Use a dry/damp soft, clean cloth that doesn’t drain colour to wipe your bag. You could use diluted soap and water solution. Stuff and store your bags in an upright position in the provided dust bags to retain their shape. Keep a lint roller handy to easily get rid of small fibres and dust particles that collect on your bag.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Noel Vaz

Really handy bag!
I initially used it for casual looks, but decided to take it for a short hike. It was quite strong, and I appreciate the sufficient space. High moisture has minimal effect on the bag.

Adit Shah

Very flexible to carry around. The pop of colour lights my day up!