A movement in the making — of the creators, for the creators, by the creators — Tokiké is where subculture becomes mainstream through our urban culture and lifestyle bags. Homegrown and consciously created as a vignette of slow fashion, they are made for every misunderstood oddball who chooses to change the narrative of what it means to ‘fit in’, to find uninhibited expression of playing #BoldEveryday.

Of the creators

When Karan Bafna founded the brand in 2021, it was him pouring years of his passion and explorations of the subcultures into building Tokiké as a ‘facilitator’ where creators experience the true freedom to create, and make it come to life through wearable art in the form of our bags.

For the creators

Through collaborations with a diverse set of creators from the community to develop Tokiké’s collections, we see the creator’s vision taking shape of the mission for Tokiké which is to evolve as a platform that unites the like-minded, the artistic, the wild, and the versatile, evoking the creator spirit in the wearers.

By the creators

Every collection from Tokiké is designed by a different creator as an amalgamation of their own unique design style and inspiration in art, art styles, artists and the stories they want to tell, channelling the inner madness, and finding their own way of expression.

Tokiké / ʈoʊkɪke / : to create/to express

Rooted in the brand philosophy and designoscopy, our emblem depicts the ‘Mother Creator’ carrying a child on her back, which can be interpreted as elements that constitute Tokiké—the DNA of creators and our bags that essentially become statements of expression, birthing a new revolution of ‘the heart found in passionate art’.