The seed for Jack In The Block was planted by the creator of the collection—Riyaz Merchant. He drew parallels between Tokike’s creator spirit and designoscopy and the impressions of the ‘De Stijl’ movement in the logos of the railway stations on his trip to Italy. He went all out, breaking away from the usual neutrals and plain block colours, and filled life into these vivid images in his head with bold colours. The travel memories with Riyaz’s own vision form the DNA of Jack In The Block for Tokiké. He saw the sophistication in madness in Mondrian’s art, reflective in the ‘De Stijl’ as Mondrian was one of its founding architects, and gave it a Tokiké spin to create what is meant for creators to make their own.


Jack In The Block is Riyaz’s ode to the eccentric Dutch painter Piet Mondrian’s ‘Neoplasticism’. Mondrian went a little crazy about art around 1914, and believed his abstraction could be the universal language representing nature and human experience. Reflected in blocks and lines of bold colours, odd, and nothing like what conventional art looked like, Mondrian expressed his experiences of life and creation through his art. With this as the backstory, merged with Riyaz’s rendition of his art and escapism, birthed ‘Jack In The Block’ for Tokiké.


Made for the ones who are unafraid of adding colour to their monochromatic society and challenging the order, Jack In The Block by Riyaz Merchant for Tokiké is synonymous with the freethinking creator spirit. Fashionable but functional, full of form and personality, each bag from Jack In The Block has a story to tell, that becomes the wearer’s own as they find the one from the collection that becomes their tool of expression.


We encourage slow fashion and stay away from the mass production of our products. Our designs are made from cotton canvas and polyester/nylon, handcrafted with upcycled stock load fabrics sourced from top mills, yarn-dyed and stitched together precariously for some heavy duty usage. Every bag comes with atleast 15 to 28 top-notch quality components, all that have been sourced by handpicking. The bags also undergo intense wear and tear testing to ensure their strength and quality before they become your everyday companions.

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